Octocon is going to Dublin Comic Con – Spring Edition

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Octo Captain America

On the weekend of 11-12 March, a group from the Octocon Team will be attending Dublin Comic Con. We’ll have a table in the fan village on the Liffey Level, beside the Artist Alley. Our Chair will also be tabling with his comic collective. We’re excited to get to talk to people about the plans for this year’s convention!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we have some programme items to share with you that the team are involved in!

Octocon Presents: Not Just Another Wednesday

is a discussion on the show Wednesday and the development of the characters since their initial introduction in The Addams Family. The official description is:

A discussion about “Wednesday”, how depictions of The Addams Family has changed through the years (“Wednesday” is the fifth incarnation to hit the screens, and that’s on top of the Broadway show and the comics), and how the characters have grown as a result, as well as what we’re excited for with the new show.

Our panel will be on Saturday at noon in the “Geek Ireland Panel Room”.