Octocon 2023 Programme

Octo Programme

Octocon is going hybrid again on October 7th and 8th at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin and Online, with the programme streamed from Dublin as well as online-only. As well as all our usual panel discussions, workshops, talks and readings, we’ll also be giving you the chance to join in hosted chats with other fans on specific topics, or sit down in a small group to talk to one of our attending creators.

Our full programme schedule is now available!

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So what can you expect on the weekend?

Cosplay Parade

Octocon 2022 Cosplay Group Photo
Credit: David McConnell

Show off your cosplay and strut your stuff on the Octocon red carpet in the Cosplay Parade around the convention! All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate, including commissioned and homemade costumes.

You can sign up in advance online or at the registration desk before 2pm on Saturday. Make sure you complete your video release form (at the registration desk) so we know if you are happy being recorded or not.

The Parade will also be streamed live to our Member Portal!

The Great Octocon Table Quiz For Charity

Do you think you know everything about all things science fiction, fantasy and horror, books, TV, film and comics?

Come and test your knowledge in the Great Octocon Table Quiz, and win some of our excellent prizes!

Teams of around 4 members. €5 per team member as a donation to Octocon’s 2023 charity, The Irish Deaf Society. Sign up in advance at the registration desk on Saturday, or just show up with your teammates and find a table!

Prizes are presented per team.

RPG: Dakka and Fungeons

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war, but in between there’s time to kill and games…

In the Warhammer 40k universe, Orks’ belief is an elemental force. So what happens if they start playing an RPGand really get into character?

Find out more

The system is homebrew but uses the same range of dice as D&D 5E.

Suitable for age 11+.

Space for 5 players, but people are welcome to come and watch. Sign up online or at the registration desk to play; we’ll accept names for a waitlist.


We have plenty of workshops to offer this year, both in-person and online, including:

  • the ever-popular crochet an Octo workshop is now being run with the assistance of FunCon One, who invite you to crochet a cat coaster
  • TOG’s lockpicking
  • Mapmaking with guest Jog Brogzin
  • Two writing workshops
  • A LEGO workshop
  • A create a bookmark icebreaker

We hope to see you participate!

Sign-ups are limited and we operate a wait list. You can sign up in advance on this form, or for in-person items, at the registration desk until 15 minutes before the start time.
No sign-ups are needed for the bookmark, LEGO or map-making workshops or for other guest chats.

Cuddly Cosplay Couture workshop, followed by a Teddy Bear Tea Party

image is an ad which says "The Teddy Bear Tea Party and Cuddly Cosplay Couture, only at Octocon, October 7th & 8th, The Gibson Hotel, Dublin". There is a drawing of a stuffed blahaj (shark) dressed as the Fourth Doctor, a stuffed octo as Donatello, a teddy bear as Luffy from One Piece, a bunny dressed as Luz from Owl House, and a turtle dressed as Harley Quinn drinking tea together"

If you want to make a costume for your stuffed animal or doll of choice for the Teddy Bear Tea Party, this is your chance! Join us as we work on little things that can make a big difference for glamming up your stuffies!

Bring your stuffies, your teddies, your plushies, your dolls, and your action figures to the tea party of the season! Whether you attended our pre-party Cuddly Cosplay Couture workshop to make little outfits, your teddy brought their own costume from home, or they’re coming in their natural fluffy states, we’re excited to see you all to catch up on all the latest stuffed animal gossip!

Tea and coffee provided.

You can join the Cuddly Cosplay Couture and the Teddy Bear Tea Party online, as well!

GOH Sarah Rees Brennan

Ruth Frances Long will be interviewing Guest of Honour Sarah Rees Brennan, and later in Octocon you’ll have a chance for a cosy group chat with her! You can also come listen to a reading from one of her books.


Our panels have a wide range of topics! Villains and chaos! Barbie and Andor! Writing tie-in novels and writing with a partner! Irish comics creators and culturally Irish stories! Space operas and cosy fantasy! Cartography and dungeons and sentient starships! All these and more…

Fanchats and Guest Chats

Chat to your fellow fans about the things you share a love for, and get to know some of our guests in a cosy chat.

Watch Again

You can watch highlights from Octocon’s online programme in previous years on our Twitch and YouTube channels, OctoconIRL & OctoconIRL2, and on YouTube.

Octocon 2022

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