RPG: Dakka and Fungeons

Saturday 7th October 2023, 8pm; Gibson Hotel

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war, but in between there’s time to kill and games…

Arrin Skrollbad grinned as he surveyed his playaz who were happily arguing about loot having killed some of the bad guyz hench fellas.
When Grutgok had given him the old human manual he’d thought it was about old machines, but it turned out to be about a kind of gamez.
It said playaz says they was things they couldn’t be and says they did mad things but instead of really doing them things they rolling dices to see if they dids the things all in the pretend like not for realz.
It had looked ‘ard on the brainz but he’d got some boyz together to test it, easy done on Kalidar seeing as Greeneyes couldn’t do WAAAGH! until the new boyz in the desert bloomed.
The boyz was really getting into, like really believing they was the the things. That neck bling the weirdboy was wearing, it’s glowing… Foop!
The playaz was gone!
Maybe I is an evil wizard! Arvin thought.

Foop! YO! Ork Boyz! Rescue yourselves by completing the scenario.

In the Warhammer 40k universe, Orks’ belief is an elemental force; for example there’s a heretical belief that the human emperor is immortal purely because the Orks believe he is. So what happens if they start playing an RPG and really get into character?
Note on gender: Orks are sentient Fungi which produce asexually but they choose refer to themselves as Boyz.

The system is homebrew but uses the same range of dice as D&D 5E.

Suitable for age 11+.

Space for 5 players, but people are welcome to come and watch. Sign up online or at the registration desk to play; we’ll accept names for a waitlist.