#OctosDayOut at Dublin Comic Con – Spring Edition

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MaryBrigid Kat and Octo on the bridge of the USS Cuchulain

On the 11th of March 2023, Octo arrived at Dublin Comic Con on board the USS Cuchulain

Octo and their bridge crew set up shop in the Fan Village on the Liffey Level, beside the Artist Alley, and began to make magic…

With the magic rollator all magicked up, other team-mates began to arrive, and it was almost time for their panel – “Octocon Presents: Not Just Another Wednesday”.

At the Octocon table: Declan, James, Kat, MaryBridgid and Octo are preparing for the panel
At the Octocon table: Declan, James, Kat, MaryBrigid and Octo prepare for the panel

Meanwhile, on the far side of the Fan Village, our Chair was tabling with his comic collective…

To find him, Octo left the Octocon table and went to explore Comic Con, meeting a host of fabulous traders and cosplayers on their travels:

… and found our Chair!

#LimitBreakComics (with Our Chair, Paul Carroll, in the middle)
#LimitBreakComics (with our Chair, Paul Carroll, in the middle)

Octo really enjoyed their day out at Dublin Comic Con. Over the weekend, they got to talk to people about our plans for this year’s convention – and we think they’ve made some friends.