Crochet an Octo Pattern

Single crochet 8 times into the ring. (8sts)You can add a stitch marker into your last stitch here, or use a large piece of yarn of a contrasting colour.Increase every stitch, working 2 sc into each st until you have 16 stitches. (16)Increase every 2nd st working 1 sc into the next st, and then…

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Our Venue Map

Our mapmaker Guest, Jog Brogzin, will have a limited number of full colour signed venue maps available for sale in the Trade hall. This version will be on display around the convention: Jog’s version for sale will look a little bit different:

A word from our Programme Director for 2023, Kat Dodd!

I’m really excited about our Programme this year! The Programme team has worked hard to put panels together that we’re all looking forward to attending. Some things we wanted to see happen just can’t this year, either due to scheduling difficulties or not enough people expressing an interest in being on it. But that’s okay,…


Last month, members of the Committee and assorted partners took place in a We-Consent workshop by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. Our experience was generally more positive than not, with a couple of moments that took us by surprise throughout the day. The workshop was facilitated by Dave Dunn and Frankie Nesirky (DRCC), inviting the…

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Octocon is going to Dublin Comic Con – Spring Edition

On the weekend of 11-12 March, a group from the Octocon Team will be attending Dublin Comic Con. We’ll have a table in the fan village on the Liffey Level, beside the Artist Alley. Our Chair will also be tabling with his comic collective. We’re excited to get to talk to people about the plans…