A word from our Programme Director for 2023, Kat Dodd!

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Octocon 2023 Programme

I’m really excited about our Programme this year! The Programme team has worked hard to put panels together that we’re all looking forward to attending. Some things we wanted to see happen just can’t this year, either due to scheduling difficulties or not enough people expressing an interest in being on it. But that’s okay, because we still have next year for those panels! I hope you’re as excited for the items as I am!

We have various workshops to offer this year, and are asking for sign ups. It’s first come, first serve, and we’ll continue taking names even after the slots fill out, because sometimes people put their names down and don’t show up. So if you’re just barely not in the “main” group, show up anyway! There might still be space for you! We just can’t guarantee it, so asking you to be there to see is not promising you a spot.

We’re continuing the thirty minute break between items, because that was well received last year, and a lot of people told us how much they appreciated it. We also have a dinner break on Saturday evening, before we have a Barbie movie panel and then the Social events, including the Table Quiz! Catherine Sharp put together the table quiz, and we’re excited to be raising money for the Irish Deaf Society.

We also have a Teddy Bear Tea Party on Sunday. You can even get a membership badge for your stuffies, if you want, though we will be asking for a one euro donation to the Irish Deaf Society for each badge. But have no fear, your stuffies and plushies and dolls can still attend Octocon even without their own badge! Before the Tea Party will be a Cuddly Cosplay Couture workshop, if you wish to have your stuffed animals attend the Tea Party in their cosplay finery!

Our panels this year range from the comfortable and cozy – like why classics are so enduring – to some more tough topics – like the parallels between Andor and the Irish Rebellion – so I’m confident that there’ll be at least something for everyone!

This year, our Guest of Honour, Sarah Rees Brennan, will be interviewed by Ruth Frances Long, and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing that conversation! I’m really excited about the Cosplay Parade this year. If you want to strut your stuff on the runway, now’s your chance! Everyone deserves to have that moment in the spotlight, where they can show off what they’ve worked on. We’ll also be parading from Stratocaster to the Trade Hall, to Concourse, and then back to the Trade Hall.