What We’re Enjoying – Girls Who Slay Monsters

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Girls Who Slay Monsters book cover

Our membership officer MaryBrigid is currently enjoying ‘Girls Who Slay Monsters’ by Ellen Ryan and Shona Shirley MacDonald and shares a review. 

Ireland has always been very proud of  our rich history of legendary heroes that inspire us even to this day, but how many of us know about the amazing women from our past, both historical and mythical. How often have we read something and wondered where are the women in the story, or what were they doing while the men were off fighting or being heroes. 

I have always been a fan of female led stories and the recent trend of fairytales that show strong or interesting female characters who are capable of being in charge of their own destiny is one that I thoroughly enjoy. Girls Who Slay Monsters is a wonderful addition to these types of books. 
This wonderful book shares the stories of 24 of Ireland’s forgotten goddesses and their astonishing powers, bravery and unbreakable bonds with nature, from all over the Celtic world and beyond. They are brought to life with stunning illustrations by  Shona Shirley MacDonald and their stories are beautifully retold by Ellen Ryan.  

From Boann, the river goddess,  who continues to protect the land and people to this day in the form of the river Boyne, to the gentle but scholarly Eithne, from the fierce protector Morrigan to the High Queen of Ireland Macha, there is inspiration to be drawn from all of these stories for readers of all ages.