Octocon at Dublin Comic Con – Summer Edition

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Octo Captain America

Octocon is delighted to announce that we’ll be at Dublin Comic Con this month, with a fantable and a panel!

Join us for a lively discussion on Sunday at 11am in the Geek Ireland room (subject to change by DCC) as we explore the topic of No Space for You (So Make Your Own): Disability, Neurodivergence and Cosplay. We’ll bring a fresh and witty perspective on how individuals with disabilities can create their own space in the world of cosplay.

Panel Description

Sometimes we don’t know where to start, or we feel like we don’t have a right to cosplay a character because we don’t look like how people expect the character to be, or we worry that we can’t fully embody them. What are the difficulties of cosplaying while different? How much of cosplaying while disabled or neurodivergent requires adaptation for your needs instead of reimagination or replication of the character’s costume? And how does pretending to be someone else help you to find yourself?

We’re really excited to be able to talk on this, and our panellists are Gerry Begley, Katch Murtagh, Cliona McEnery, and Kat Dodd as a half-moderator-half-panellist. We’ll also be recording it, for anyone who wants to see this panel but can’t make it to DCC!

At Octocon’s fantable, you’ll find a treasure trove of geeky delights. Swing by and say hi to our friendly team who will be more than happy to chat about all things nerdy and joining up to our convention.

We can’t wait to see you at Dublin Comic Con this August!