Important Update: Venue Accessibility

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Hello! This is Octocon’s Accessibility Officer, Kat Dodd!

The reason for this message is to explain the current set up at the Gibson Hotel. The main floor that Octocon will be using is easily accessible by the escalators, as well as the main lifts. The upper floor is only accessible by a flight of stairs, or a pair of lifts that require card access to use, since they also go to the floors for the hotel guests. As such, we’re trying to make sure we have enough cards for everyone who will need to use that second set of lifts to go to the upper floor for a panel or the Quiet Room.

So if you have any reason to believe you might need to use the elevator to reach that upper floor, please email me at  as soon as possible (let’s say by Sunday the 19th) so that I can get the numbers to the Gibson hotel. You don’t have to say more than “Accessibility – yes” and how many yeses those are, if you don’t want to say more! We will not require you to prove your need for accessibility! And if you miss the “deadline” for this, it’s not too late! The sooner you can get us the information, the better, but even if you show up weekend of Octocon with an unexpected injury, we will make sure to accommodate that need to the best of our abilities.

Thank you very much for helping me to accommodate your needs!
Accessibility Officer